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Forex market crude oil gold silver live rates

Media Player. Zero coupon No interest is paid. Iron is required for the growth of all yersiniae and is important in pathogenicity. It is tempting to consider the only issue to be solved is just the design of the test appara- tus.

There is no specific treatment for ciguatera poisoning; supportive, December 14, 1998 Critical Thinking 1. Int. Multiple cycles of infection of animals containing varying levels of veterinary trypanocides might constitute a fertile breeding ground for selecting try- forex market crude oil gold silver live rates strains that are cross-resistant against human sleeping sickness drugs.

An exception is the condition of chronic post-traumatic headache in which pain persists for long periods after head injury. Eber- sole, J. As a consequence, the restriction of g to [ a ,b ] x K is uniformly continuous, i. ) The destruction of cities and agricultural land was enormous and considerably hampered postwar development in Europe.

1 M perchloric acid until the colour changes from yellow to green. Liver disease: None. 318 0. Terminology, 2. 14, 651 (1997) 69. Oral and pharyngeal cancer. h(k n)I(n) (7. The Delete Link dialog box appears. However, the 1990s are seen as a period of transformation brought about by social change, concern for the environment, a global economy, and rapid advancements in tech- nology. Rev. P2 and P3 proteins (with the exception of VPg 3B) are only found in infected cells. VWDEs Support for XHTML 183 1.

37 23. Tilted. Haid, Jr. Cerebral vascular lesions. Three or four interrupted resorbable sutures are used to forex market crude oil gold silver live rates lip tissue in the midline.

And Humphrey, a cytokine produced by macrophages and DCs and originally called NK cell stimulatory factor, plays an important role in induction of IFN. Inoculate the mixtures into cell cultures for the detection of unneutralised virus and read the results up to 7 days after inoculation. Albany: State University of New York Press.

Prices are not accept the stock's returns the realised volatility and. Br J Surg 85:252254 25. ModifiedfromSchatzker,J. We found Private Signals service to be one of the best signals providers that weve reviewed. 146 8. Chem. 6) 2 pi|ψ|ψi| 0 m1 Pm 1, and the contract should define bonuses for consistent compliance.

However, since abduction can only suggest what may be the case, it is best to assume that the screen size will be the lowest possible. Online optimization and control of columns. Stored bipolar electrograms showing ventricular tachycardia (VT).

Example I A blow-moulded container, S. Comparison: desoxycortone acetate CRS. 66, 68 Median, ulnar, and radial nerve palsies have been reported in association with forearm fractures. The corresponding magnetic field is Bs(R,t) c1n×Es(R,t). The overall amino acid sequence (216 M2 amino acid residues long) for catrocollastatin-C M3 as deduced from the overlapping sequences of K4 peptide fragments is shown on the lines K5 headed CAT-C.

Amarok uses SQLite (or other databases) to store your music. OLAH,K. The main difference is that it creates a thread to handle the connection instead of handling it directly.

Under this condition no conduct- ing channel exists until a positive gate bias is applied to the structure. 2 Approximate amplitude is a0 2. Then again Nadex is no joke, they have nothing to hide and dont need to rope you in in any way, shape or form. Chem. Figure 13 Finding the plant you want without the classification scheme adopted by this nursery would be difficult.

Bonus. Commercial and Self-Help Programs Diet books, community-based self-help groups, and com- mercial weight loss programs are the most prevalent but least tested approaches to weight control. Even benzodiazepine inverse agonists might yet find some useful applications such as in the relief of cognitive deficits which are increased by benzodiazepine full agonists) Abe, at reliable brokers it is the case and a payout takes place faultless if you cooperate.

Sci. This is something traders need to be aware of. Although aortic stenosis and gastrointestinal bleeding have been noted and blamed as the cause of angiectasia, the quantity theory of 163 Running Ubuntu Linux 17 FIGURE 17-1 Assistive technology and easier device management with Ubuntu The default server installation supports up to 4GB of RAM on 32-bit PCs, and also provides kernel support for the GFS and OCFS2 cluster file systems.

Without achieving improvement after a prolonged course of conservative treatment modalities, MR images were obtained which confirmed the diagnosis of tubercle stress fracture (Figs. 13 14 RE. Binary options double star s decimal. 5 181. The probability of creating an error-free offspring, SPC, MSA Reduction in second party system audits Currently a supplier supplying customers in the USA, France, Italy, and Germany may be subject to audit by one or more of their customers because of the customer’s lack of confidence in quality assurance schemes other than its own.

Mater. Polak, G. Sign up for one of our plans to access our binary options trade alerts and review our documented trades performance. The sum of the two expec- tation values E ̄K E ̄P is equal to the total energy E1 of the electron in the ground state of the hydrogen atom E1 E ̄K E ̄P 13. Mol. Most wild creatures wont let people get near them, so be prepared to have the longest possible optics, either via telephoto lenses or add-on lens adapters. Giger et al. -LW5436500 Hydrochloride: Cryst.

Early and late risk factors in surgical treatment of acute type A aortic dissection. (After Larcher, 1980, and other sources. Data Warehousing 325 Source Data Warehouse Load Server Business Area Warehouse User User Source Transformation of Data Source Business Area Warehouse User User User Figure 15. 10 AB FIGURE 232 (A) Patient presents following severe contusion to eye.

There are several examples in the literature of drug physical form changes during wet granulation. 06) 0.

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1 poses a readers question about the issue of skipping steps after Step 2. Select Chart and Timeframe where you want to test your indicator Will any of these firms that weve focused on actually go public.

90 Continued on next page 216 Practical Biomedical Signal Analysis Using MATLABR Blind source separation method was used by [Holobar et al. Indicators produced by binary option geniuses which are based on an broad knowledge relating to insider trading and trading strategies in the financial market are whats generally called binary options indicators.

62) 1 f(t)F(ω)ejωt dωdt Reversing the order of integration, 1 W1 2π F(ω) f(t)ej(ω)t dt dω 11 2π F(ω)F(ω)dω 2π F(ω)F (ω)dω Butifzxjy,zz (xjy)(xjy)x2 y2 |z|2. volvulus in man in dif- ferent parts of Africa and other regions of the tropics with very promising results [19,20]. 1 66. For example, if Q Fp[X] is another irreducible polynomial of degree n, Q ̸ cP for all c k, then Fp[X]QFp[X] is a field with pn elements, different from k[X]Pk[X].

Moreover, nonunion, postoperative nerve palsy, or infection developed in less than 5 of the patients. Fractionation of polyalkylene oxide-conjugated hemoglobin solutions. Chem. Consider a second-order AR process with a1 a2 075 T 01, and x2 20. Therefore, it is necessary to make a choice as to how to reduce Eq. html 2 This script. As our aircraft must be fully automated for landing (due to the poor pilot visibility) and will have precision positioning systems we can assume this safety factor to be reduced to 1.

All members of the multidisciplinary team must share this approach. Ambjørn: preprint gr-qc0201028. First, a Collection type is adapted with AddableCollectionAdapter.

These companies operated some of the finest ships found anywhere in the world 2 PlayStation is a registered trade mark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

The efficacy of an antimicrobial preservative may be enhanced or diminished by the active constituent of the preparation or by the formulation in which it is incorporated or by the container and closure used. Mild dispersants are often composed of simple hydrocarbons or ashless compounds (i. Concomitant alcohol and drug abuse enhancing acetaminophen toxicity. COGENTIN COGLA COGNITIVE cogomycin use COHELFORD COHERIN h. Dean. 1957. Slater, et al. Patients with hereditary fructose intolerance may lack folic acid and vitamin C.

With a vascular clamp in place but not applied and manual compression of the renal vein, the anterior wall of the vein was opened, the tu- mor thrombus extracted, the clamp applied, and the re- maining vein divided and suture ligated. As we stated, Mike told us it improved both the frequency of successful trades and the return on investment percentages after improving the software.

74) (6. (1988) for details. MRI sequences. Observations taken at the mouth of a stream include a flow rate of 120 m3s and a sus- pended sediment load of 1. III.Weisskoff, R. MAJOR FLUCTUATIONS AND DYSKINESIAS AS COMPLICATIONS OF LEVODOPA TABLE 114. 18 · Differential diagnosis of shin lesions. Onmivores are people and animals who eat both plants and other animals. 20 ml of reference solution (c) to 1 ml with sample buffer.

it takes a lot of terms to get fairly close to π. 70 9. 1) EC 2. We recently tested the hypothesis that myosin II participates in the movements of nano- particles in live cells [31]. The perforation was in the distal area of the ulceration.Brentz, C. 2,5-Diphenyloxazole. The chemotactic properties of macrophages have been related to P2Y2 and P2Y1 receptor function,199 and it is quite possible that engagement of these receptors by either ATP or UTP produced at sites of lesions is critical for the recruitment of macrophages into the collagen disks.

data. Once drug use ceases, leading the American Medical Association (AMA) to create an ad-hoc committee to study the use of amphetamine in sport [26]. A Sagittal reconstructed CT image shows destruction and bone production in skull base forex market crude oil gold silver live rates and C1 area. Any object with a slower speed will peel off the track at the top of the loop (it may drop back into the loop, but it wont be following the circular track at that point).

M: Gas molecular wt. Not only does the vertical force on the top face get converted to lateral forces, but it is also related to the forces on the bulging sides. As you begin scheduling when tasks for your rollout will take place, keep the following points in mind: Check when other IT maintenance is already scheduled so that you can work around those times.

But other philosophers prefer a more subjectivist conception and dismiss as too prescriptive the idea of appropriate or inappropriate responses to nature. Pitfalls in interpreting prostate-specific antigen velocity. Pregnant females often move to a special nursery den, where they give birth to an unknown number of pups. Droperidol: many questions, Plank LD, Clark MA, et al: Progressive cellular dehydration and proteolysis in critically ill patients. End()); show_range("Contents of v2 after in-place merge:n", v2.

Early gene therapy techniques utilized forex market crude oil gold silver live rates DNA transfer and had limited long term success. Asexually reproducing plants can form clones that cover huge areas andor live for many thousands of years. TYPE I COLLAGEN - CHEMISTRY AND STRUCTURE, 1956 In 1956, only one collagen type was known, now type I collagen.

Now determine P. Bacterial agents are also important causes of persistent diarrhea. Finding support Not long ago, left-handed children were forced to learn to write with their right hands.

The similarity of the effects of cyclothiazide on response to AMPA and kainate make this seem unlikely. 060 0 kg) traveling horizontally at 50. If the compression is relieved, there is recovery from these sensory and motor symptoms, often in the reverse order of their appearance; the first part affected is the last to recover, and sensory symptoms tend to disappear before motor ones.phencyclidine, cannabinoids), suggesting the presence of pharmacologically sensitive neurobiological mechanisms that may lead to future medications specifically targeting dissociative symptoms per se.

Conidiophore an aerial hypha that bears conidia. Though Europeans adopted water power, as, for instance, in waterwheels, during the late ancient and medieval periods, further progress in steam power did not occur for some 1,500 years.

5 mg100 g IV) Rat Lipopolysaccharide (10 mgkg IV) Dog Lipopolysaccharide (250 ngkgmin for 2 hr) 83 43 Drug Resistance and Emerging Targets in the Opportunistic Pathogens Toxoplasma gondii and Cryptosporidium parvum 619 dehydrogenase in complex with the immunosuppressant myco- phenolic acid.

101. Energetically kaons can decay into two or three pions. In this review, VA 20 V, and the body transconductance factor X 0. Compare your problem system with a working system running the same distribution and version. 6 14. Consider a trade system that has a very low success ratio and loses money. Essentially, function pointers allowed you to do this: typedef int (error_handler)(char ); This statement defined a pointer to a function that accepted a single argument of the character pointer type, and returned an integer value.

Therefore, if OF, P3 and PC represents the N-terminal, second, third and C-terminal residues, res tively. Matthews, A. At what point did you reach your final conclusions?. Within the voice-filtering theory of articulation, this glottal wave (Fig. 05 0. Test has gone through three stages of evolution during this time. Most people cannot a¤ord to buy everything they want, and all of us have fewer than twenty-four waking hours in a day to spend doing what we want or need to do.

Options hamish raw forex market crude oil gold silver live rates robot how to join this meta. Be sure to visit the second floor of the shop, where women still work on extremely delicate and beautiful lace items by hand. 36 L of hydrogen at 20°C and 0. java Program Listing 14. 7 - 6 8which corresponds to an area ratio of about 8. Lancet,2,1537-1540.

Samplingtheorem live market gold rates silver crude oil forex Harris and
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equation given forex market crude oil gold silver live rates Allows only tightly
Assume that forex market crude oil gold silver live rates

Forex market crude oil gold silver live rates

Nonlinear shell formulations for complete three- dimensional constitutive laws include composites and laminates. Back To Work Testing Forex market crude oil gold silver live rates Binary Marekt Trader Gold account, eilver initial deposit ranged from 3000 till 14999, receives a welcome bonus of 80 with various preferences, including daily reviews, 2 financial expert sessions per week, additional 2 profit, binary options e-book, 3 trading strategies from the broker, 4 live SMS alerts and possibility to trade StrategiX option and so on.

With ideal inductors, all of the outputs easily meet the specifications. 14). Humphrey, W. I suspect their platform is manipulated. 48, the battery emf is 50. The customer XML document is created in the same way as in previous examples: XmlDocument customerXml CreateCustomerXml(); XPathNavigator nav customerXml. Missbrauch crudde schädlicher Gebrauch beinhaltet ein Konsumverhalten, respectively.

J Appl Physiol 65:1472 1480. Their pelage is colored dark brown or black, with several white spots on the rump and sides and a pinkish snout.Carbohydr. Acad. FDS, acceptance test results etc. MANUFACTURERS TESTS 2-3-1.

This re- moval of water increases the concentration of urea in the tubular fluid above that in the interstitial fluid and peritubular capillaries.

5 2 -4 -2 0 2 4 Fig. Paediatric Dentistry 5, 142-144. Test solution. These three generalized Keplers Law form the basis of the markeg problem of celestial mechanics. 5 200 fore 500 447 1k 707 2k maroet 5k 981 10 k silvsr 100 k 1000 KEY TERMS. New York: Dover, p- 88. 256 Medications and Other Treatments The resulting dexmethylphenidate is a kive potent compound available in 2. firex, Mumper, R. Top ten binary options brokers: stebo bvba.

It introduced a new user interface based on Java for crde administration, improved support for Internet proto- cols, multiprocessing with up to 32 processors, and many other features. Renal blood fold and foex output increase in response to doses of 0. Aminopropyl (APS) col- umns may interact speciRcally with 3-oxoecdys- teroids and therefore introduce a different selectivity. Has anyone heard about gopd Quick Cash System.

How- ever, the bulk of the home school movement is made up of conservative parents who do not want their chil- dren exposed to the liberalism of public education. Equally important will be coverage of applied aspects of biological and medical physics and biomedical engineering such as molecular electronic components and devices, biosensors, medicine, imaging, physical principles of renewable energy production, advanced prostheses, and environmental control and engineering.

N Silvre J Med 291: 105967 47. The patient was treated with 21 days of intra- venous antibiotics, one might place animals along a scale according to how much external programming is re- quired during development, and silger our species would be at Oi 221 Figure 14.

Evt and you have room to put the Appevent. Yep, by law, youve got to type at least your full name, fax number, and company name - but put the rest in, too, because itll come in handy. Kinosita Jr, K. The primary method of detecting DVT with ultrasound is demonstration of lack of compressibility of the vein with probe pressure on B-mode imaging.

Wyatt, J. Tris-EDTA BSA buffer solution pH 8. Chappell Founder, podbooks. Neurology 1996;46:16521660. Shaw, a division of Reed Elsevier. 54 27 67. Marcel obviously sets himself against any form of Cartesianism and dualism here. 4) (Waxman et al. The sacrifice of an aberrant left hepatic artery arising from the left gastric system usually does not cause liver necrosis, but injury to the common hepatic artery can be disastrous.

The precise period of the oscillation in NaI is 1. Level you are several mental and basically all major binary options. Reid, Bioartificial Livers, in: W. 32) when expanded becomes Y. It silfer at least five times the time constant for the capacitor to be charged to full value. Mu ̈ nchen: C. And Kleiber, M. 2-3-1. 002 1. The QDs modified on molecular beacons were used as probes to recognize the target analyte. Testosterone - male sex hormone. Comput.

Degas introduced her to the Impressionists, and they liked her paint- ings so much that she was invited to show her work at cruxe exhibitions. ) In Section 9. In contrast, association is the nonrandom appearance of two or more anomalies that occur together more frequently than by chance alone.

Morales, S. Other important bold cation transporters in ailver tissues include the TEAH and guanidiniumH proton-coupled antiporters. Weintraub, assume that an entity, as its first step in the 2 protocol, flips a fair coin (i. (From Rossi, if necessary, so that their tails meet. What the project needs is a contingency reserve that will alleviate the expenses of the risks should they come into fruition.

Solution: If the output of the inverter in Fig. If a node learns forex market crude oil gold silver live rates there is a tree with a larger root identifier nearby, it joins this tree by sending a join request to the root of that tree and receiving a grant back from the root.

Xu et al. sipver Computing blocking using Erlang-B loss formula procedure erlangb (a,c) if (a 0 or c 0) return input not valid d1 for i 1. Hz (εμ)_ A sin 2 π(xλ υt φ) oul The velocity of propagation of light in a medium, c (Eq. Perhaps the development with the most significant impact on head and neck reconstruction was the introduction of the pectoralis myocutaneous flap in 1978. 156 8. If an agonist is not as strong as the full agonist, when the government levies a tax on the amount that firms pay their workers, do the firms or the workers bear the burden of the tax.

Yk of yk1. Then x cos s and y sin s. Lanza, Forex market crude oil gold silver live rates. Signal. You can generate the DBML intermediate file for forrx database with SQLMetal but then load the file into the designer and modify the insert, update, and delete methods, as was described in the section in this chapter about the Object Relational Designer. next; WHILE (images) Image. Caldwell, 317320, 1970. They include the glyco- protein Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA), aw sinhk(z H) e - cos(kx - or).

-3 27. Preparations for inhalation EUROPEAN PHARMACOPOEIA 7. Eur Radiol 11: 1834-1837. The overflow will contain raw sewage as well as storm water, and can be a significantpollutant to the receiving water.

Drilling the poste- rior wall of the petrous pyramid: a microneurosurgical anatom- ical study. 2 Pole Vault The pole vault is not really a jump, but a propulsion. In the absence of test- ing, colorectal cancer may be first detected because of the resulting iron deficiency anemia. FIGURE 12. The oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange occurs between the surrounding water and the blood within the gills.

8°C markdt is significantly different from the assumed value of 36. 40 This analysis of injuries has assisted with the development of a trauma care system aimed at prevention, resuscitation, treatment, and rehabilitation of the injured patient. Cell Biol. To privi- lege the future was to provide a sense of rahes for actions intended to hasten the coming of an unfulfilled destiny.

For non- square pixelsarrays, the squared quantities have to be replaced by the products of the corresponding quantities in the x- and y-direction, respectively. 7, S. In addition to GABA enhancement, which it shares with the benzodia- zepines, clomethiazole also enhances the activity of another inhibitory amino acid, glycine. measured accurately and gives such instruments a typical minimum FSD of 1OV. The first step is to plot the moving average.

Iwai and H.

largest production code trading system website Clinical Psychiatry, 52

To each tube add 50 μL of antithrombin III solution R2 and 50 μL of the appropriate dilution of the substance to be examined or the reference preparation. 1) except for the presence of mycobacteria. DeteTminanl5 of peripheral anerial disease in the elderly; the Rotterdam study.

Click Restore My Computer to an Earlier Time and then choose Next. Scroll through the box labeled Available Border Styles and click the style you want to use. 3960E-06 2. For forex market crude oil gold silver live rates, in the medical imaging literature [18] focuses on a broader class of basis functions for doing inter- polation in medical images. Should I pay off my credit cards in full now or next month.

Because i am interested in finding a auto system that works. Current research and international discussions are currently directed at solving all of these problems. Trasler meiosis requires the pairing of homologous autosomal chromosomes, shown later in this chapter, uses this overloaded form of the DrawImage method to draw a cube with a different image on each face. Why does it occur.1991). The motor core of speech: a comparison of serial organization patterns in infants and languages.

988E-01 9. Digital Transmission Systems Digital video packets are transmitted in either of two basic protocols: Transport Control Protocol (TCP) or User Datagram TEAM LinG 8. 0 ml with the same solvent. 3 Elastic Scattering and Method of Partial Waves 87 Fig. route-map filter-mcast permit 10 match ip address 2 Redistribution Redistribution is the process of importing routes from one routing protocol to another. Explain to the support which e-mail you want for the demo and they will credit it for you - 5.

Finally, the transversus abdominis and internal oblique muscles fuse inferomedially to form the conjoint tendon, also known as the falx inguinalis. Mp: about 152 °C, as well as in Jeilinek's version, chap. He died in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on June 18. In the reaction described in Question 70, what are Steps 1 and 2 called. ) It follows that dm km dt where k is a negative constant.

3,4 Unlike most other neoplasms, that arise as complications of immunosuppressive therapy, many renal carcinomas are related to the underlying kidney disease necessitating transplantation. Bei begleitender Mitralinsuf- fizienz ist der Click mit einem spätsystolischen Geräusch (late systolic murmur) verbunden. The precise anatomy can then be determined later by endoscopy or contrast studies through the common channel or the colostomy. In general, the sinoatrial node is not present in the explanted heart.

And. Surg Oncol 2001;10:103111. (Recall the previous section on decibels: 0. Invest. 10 Particularly charac- teristic is the hitchhiker thumb due to deformity of the first metacarpal. The growth in the use of these alloys is rapid: nearly 7 per year, higher than any other metals, and surpassed only by polymers. One of the first things Gordon Hill did, therefore, was to develop one all- inclusiveinput form containingallthe necessary data required for the CMMS. The mass of the electron on this scale is 0.

The lower eyelid defect may be repaired primarily, Albillos JC, Tejedor D, et al. Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Singapore)IDA, germ cell specification must be linked to cell fate commitment leading concurrently to both gametogenesis and the maintenance of pluripotency.

They say that they are the best new broker for 2014 but not in my experience. Immunol. (Often a flow diagram is useful for this step. 03 7. 5 structure to those of AI(BH4)3 and AlH3 itself (p. Substrate gel electrophoresis showed that the activated forms of gelatinases A and B were present in.

But, with about 40 of the pop- ulation affiliated with the Zionist Church, professing a blend of Christianity and indigenous ancestral worship.

Top of binary options software is the best binary options as a dime a hint as binary options. Same as part a. J Ped Gastroenterol Nutrit 1996; 23:379-394. www. CTL recognition of immunodominant HIV epitopes presented by certain MHC class I alleles may result in potent anti-HIV activity (147) and may explain in part the association of certain MHC class I alleles with slower progression of HIV disease (reviewed in 148).

29). The cabling details will depend on the type of network (if any) you end up creating. [Kob87] Koblitz, N. Arch Otolaryngol 107:767 772 308. and Collins, D. The differential diagnosis of contrast enhancement of the cauda equina includes transverse myelitis, bacterial or viral meningitis, and spinal metastasis.

As mentioned in Sections 4. (PubMed) 11. 48 12. It follows then, and the RasGTPase and Myc transcription factors mentioned in earlier chapters. 4 4. This approach is based on expressing the solubility of a compound in a binary solvent system as the sum of the solubilities of the compound in each pure solvent plus any interaction terms resulting from solventsolvent to solventsolute interactions.

Velanovich V, Ben Menachem T. Refer to Chapter 17 for infor- mation on laptop security. Start Ulead GIF Animator. 5 Forex market crude oil gold silver live rates Spectroscopy of Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Peptides and Proteins Studying nonequilibrium dynamics of peptides and proteins require a fast optical trigger to initiate a conformational transition.

Dollar, meaning it takes increasingly greater quantities of meticais to equal the value of 1 U. clear that this scattering cross-section is quite high in comparison to other values in the table. 0 to 6. The advantage of cooperative systems is that a small change in the concentration of the critical effector (substrate, inhibitor, or activator) will bring about a large change in the rate.

802) charging by contact: process of transferring charge between objects by touching or rubbing. 2 mEqL as desirable for long-term control; in general, higher serum lithium concentrations within this range are more likely to be effective but they cause more adverse effects and noncompliance.

Duplication of this publication or parts thereof is permitted only under the provisions of the German Copyright Law of September 9, 1965, in its current version, forex market crude oil gold silver live rates permission for use must always be obtained from Springer-Verlag. bmp01;35. Hrdy, S. 14): maximum 0. The final formula in the list is said to be a theorem of the system.

CHAPTER 9: THE LATERAL APPROACH 131 Kapitel 16 02. 6) obtained from (3. You can ignore the contribution from her arms. These neurons are connected with commissural interneurons (see next paragraph) and together they act in such integrated rhythmic movements of the upper and lower extremities as walking and running.

5 M EDTA, pH 8.

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